Aura Dreamweaver Baby Huggies in Orange
Aura Dreamweaver Baby Huggies in Orange

Aura Dreamweaver Baby Huggies in Orange

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Production Time Information:

Made to order - please allow 6-8 weeks for production.

The color orange is associated with warmth, creativity, and enthusiasm. Individuals with an orange aura are often vibrant, dynamic, and full of life. They bring a sense of joy and excitement wherever they go, inspiring others to embrace their passions and express themselves freely.

A Dreamweaver is a mystical soul that can do anything in his or her own dream. Dreamscapes is a collection of otherworldly symbols that are based on Mandalas and Yantras. These symbolic images, when meditated upon, can bring profound inner transformation, personal reflection, and deep spiritual growth.

Plique-à-jour (French for "letting in daylight")

Material and Care Information:

Our plique is done with a mid-temperature resin instead of glass, making the pieces larger, lighter, and more durable for everyday wear. The resin-based enamel also allows for repair, unlike glass enamel.

Durability: The enamel is tested to withstand impacts and is slightly flexible, making it able to withstand blows and less likely to crack. However, it may scratch if it comes into contact with sand or other soft abrasives.

Other notes: Avoid direct contact with lotions, makeup, or hairspray, as the chemicals can discolor the enamel. Let cosmetics set before wearing the earrings. In the event of damage, we can repair the enamel.

Product Description:

Handcrafted with care, our 18 karat yellow woven gold hinged baby Dreamweaver huggies feature a stunning orange ombré plique-à-jour enamel. Plique-à-jour is a vitreous enameling technique where the enamel is applied in cells, similar to cloisonné, but with no backing in the final product, so light can shine through the transparent or translucent enamel. It is, in effect, a miniature version of stained-glass and is considered very challenging technically.

These symbolic earrings capture the essence of warmth and creativity, inviting wearers to embrace their inner vitality and express their unique zest for life.

  • 10mm diameter