Rose Aura Small Dreamweaver Hoops
Rose Aura Small Dreamweaver Hoops

Rose Aura Small Dreamweaver Hoops

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Even in the midst of life’s most pressing challenges, a person with a pink aura can help heal others with a glance, a smile, a kind word, or just by being present. They remind us to be gentle with each other and all of earth’s creatures.

The color pink vibrates at a similar frequency as green, which corresponds to the heart chakra. People who have light pink emissions in their aura inspire a feeling of comfort to those around them.

A Dreamweaver is a mystical soul that can do anything in his or her own dream. 

Dreamscapes is a collection of otherworldly symbols that are based on Mandalas and Yantras or symbolic images that when meditated upon can bring profound inner transformation, personal reflection, and deep spiritual growth.

Plique-à-jour (French for "letting in daylight") 

Product Description:

    • 18 Karat recycled Yellow Gold
    • 10mm Diameter
    • Plique-à-jour in Pink Ombre
    • Sold as a pair
    • made by hand
    • made to order