White Diamond Lalita Ring
White Diamond Lalita Ring
White Diamond Lalita Ring
White Diamond Lalita Ring

White Diamond Lalita Ring

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The Divine Feminine Oracle, Lalita represents the waking, dreaming, deep sleep states of our consciousness. She helps us to find joy in our own consciousness and within the world. Lalita is sometimes seen sitting upon a lotus and is known as the Fulfiller of all Desires.

This design was inspired by the White Lotus Flower and the Crown Chakra.

Each opening of the petal is the gradual unfolding of the consciousness on the path of enlightenment.

The Crown Chakra is the last of the seven Chakras. It is associated with Space or Nothingness, with the qualities of self-transcendence, oneness, and with the merging into the one infinite source of all creation.

The Crown Chakra Symbol is a White Lotus.

Diamonds: Summon the rising goddess energy, calling up Shakti, the personification of Divine Feminine Creative Power. Wear Diamonds to manifest a strong spine, soft heart, and un-manifested manifesting.

Product Description:

  • Detailed in White Diamond pave and a rose-cut center stone, total carat weight 0.322 
  • Solid 18 Karat Yellow Gold
  • 13mm depth
  • We added a tiny white diamond inside the ring to touch your finger for the energy of Shakti
  • Made to order
  • Also available in Rose or White Gold