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Moonstone Nectar Drop Ring in Who What Where

We love jewelry—period. But if we’re being honest, a little personalization always makes our favorite pieces feel that much more special. While personalized jewelry may not be an unfamiliar concept (nameplate necklaces have become a foolproof option, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw), we’re seeing the return of a specific style of the trend: birthstone jewelry. Sure, you might be familiar with classic gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, but when you break down the birthstones by month, you’ll find that the precious stones go far beyond these, and they’re downright gorgeous, too.

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ARK in Forbes: A Look Back At The Year 2018 In Jewelry

Lucky Charms Talisman charm necklaces full of symbolism, spirituality or sentiment continued to influence designers and wearers with meanings that include love, luck, protection, guidance, faith and hope. These charms, medallions, discs and pedants are rendered with different motifs and textural interest but they all speak to the wearer’s emotions, moments and occasions, They reflect and represent what we believe, are a key to our past and open us up to the present and future.

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Green Tourmaline Creation Ring in Forbes

Stack rings are wonderful in warm weather months but taking gloves on and off when the weather is cold could cause you to accidentally lose one or more of your rings. It’s safe to wear one or two larger, bolder rings in winter. You will feel them move around and their stand-out appeal is more suited to your winter wardrobe. Colored gems will pop your winter staples of gray and black and signets with symbolism will act as your winter talisman. Anne Korman, designer for Ark Fine Jewelry has designed a perfect ring for the winter months. It’s bold without being overstated. The center stone is emerald-cut green tourmaline that Korman hand cut in her studio in Los Angeles. The...

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