The Story of ARK

I have always had an interest in ancient Eastern culture, the Spiritual, and the Mystical.
For me, there is an inner light and a light that connects all of us.

Light is Truth and Love.
Light is Joy.

There is a light that shines on us
and a light that shines from within us.

Inspired by the symbol of Sagittarius, the archers' deep-rooted desire for change, I started my business as Ark + Arrows. This philosophy is influenced by the journey to wellness. My work primarily focused on healing women--to help find their safe spaces and inner strength.

23 years ago, amidst my second pregnancy, I fell into the wholistic arms of yoga. During my first teacher training in 2011, I was drawn by the energy and authenticity of meditative teachings. Profounded by the powerful energy, I learned the ability to effortlessly be in a meditative state. This dynamic practice awakened me. I was given a mantra to study yoga and meditation in Rishikesh, India for over three years.


I was given the name Amrita, being told it embodies timelessness and a healing nectar. My work conceptualizes the idea of transcending time and space and thought to be closer to the divine. “Bring it to light.” A mantra I created to cultivate the relationship to my guru, the unmanifested manifested, but it has grown into more than I could imagine.


Surrounded by my sacred symbols and mantras, I have welcomed clarity into my life and work. Wisdom, natural intelligence, and personal planetary connections play a vital role in creating a purpose you can feel.  My jewelry pieces are created as talismans that harness cosmic energy and possess the strength of consciousness. By re-melting past pieces to preserve universal creation, I aim to promote environmental and social responsibility within my work.

We are so small in this giant universe
—yet, we are timeless

My vision for ARK is to contribute to organizations that support women around the world. My hope is to embolden and gift people with small tokens that I trust. To inspire their own journeys toward enlightenment or celebrate who they are. I want to inspire people and make them things that bring Joy.

I believe where there is Joy,
there is energy!