The Meaning of Shakti


What is Shakti? 

Shakti is the cosmic feminine energy source. Shakti is a Hindu word that means power. Shakti also refers to the manifestations of this energy, namely goddesses. 
I first heard of this word "Shakti" when I studied Yoga and meditation in India and I have been drawn to understand this concept and what it means ever since. When I imagine Shakti, I imagine a beautiful white light that surrounds and embodies all of us. She is the creative force of the Universe and she is also Infinite. 

Shakti is a supreme force that relates to femininity and the divine feminine. She represents many things to me. She represents Infinity, Creation, Manifestation, and Conscious Beauty. She is dynamic and all powerful. She rejuvenates and restores. She is healing and transformative. True Shakti is boundless. She is the Moon, the Earth, the Stars, and the Universe. She is all loving and forgiving. She is eternal.


She is Powerful and she is Fierce.


Why I Created Shakti?

I created my Shakti pieces to help you remember that you are Shakti. To remember you are fierce and all powerful. Shakti also relates to the Heart Chakra and relates to true love. When we know who we really are we are, we step into our Shakti Energy. As all my designs, Shakti is a reminder to be your highest-self and a reminder that you already are a goddess. 


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