The Meaning of Sacred Spirals

One of the oldest geometric shapes found throughout the ancient world are spirals.
Spirals appear often in nature, found in shells, plants, weather, animals, minerals,
the galaxy -- and even human physiology. They’re also used to explain the cyclical
nature in which the sun, stars, planets and ultimately time revolve in our universe.

As such, the spiral is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life
and of change, progression, and development. It can represent the spir(itu)al path
leading from outer consciousness (materialism, ego, outward perception) to the
inner soul (enlightenment, nirvana, cosmic awareness). Personal growth isn’t often
a linear path, but rather requires us to look both inwards and outwards to find
balance and harmony with new and better kinds of understanding.

When used as a personal talisman, spirals can aid in helping us accept change. They
represent journey, direction and progress. Every day brings a new chance to make
choices that bring positivity and light into the world.
This symbol inspired us to create our newest collection called Destiny.