Story of ARK


“The cosmos is within us.
We are made of star-stuff.
We are a way for the universe
to know itself.”

– Carl Sagan




ARK represents the initials of the designer, Ann Rosen Korman and the concept of protection, safety, and forward momentum. Each collection is made with positive intention from 18k recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds & gemstones. Each beautifully handcrafted piece is designed to stimulate the highest vibration of the wearer, amplifying their unique strength and brilliancy as modern goddesses--timeless and infinite like the Universe.

Ann had an affinity for artistic design and culture long before introducing her eponymous line. After graduating from Cornell, she went on to earn her Masters in Fine Art and spent her career showing in New York galleries and briefly working as a fashion editor for Vogue magazine before moving to Los Angeles to embark on a journey towards enlightenment, celebration and transcendence.


As an avid yoga practitioner with extensive spiritual and physical training in a breadth of disciplines, including meditation, jyotish (Vedic astrology), gemology, the science of light, Kabbalah and nutrition. Ann was approached during a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India by a guru that offered to teach her the traditional Vedic understanding of gemstones and energy, as well as the meanings of ancient tantric symbols that turn up in her designs. For years, she traveled between India and Los Angeles acquiring new knowledge and understanding before officially launching ARK Fine Jewelry in 2017.


Upon launching, ARK Fine Jewelry won THE NEXT NOW competition in 2017, which aims to discover and cultivate the next generation of jewelry designers. In 2018, the brand won the Couture Design Award for Best in Colored Gemstones Under $20K.

ARK is designed with the philosophy of energy healing by curating timeless gemstones and pairing tantric symbols of wisdom. In yoga, symbols help practitioners elevate themselves to a higher state of consciousness and bring deeper meaning and insight into one’s path.

Our team is committed to collaboration, equality, and inclusivity for a sustainable future. We believe in creating an equitable and compassionate world. ARK’s mission is to empower women through education and achieving social justice.  A percentage of annual sales is donated to’s Women Empowerment Fund.