How to Clean Your Jewels of Negative Energy

The Sun and the Moon are powerful influencers on our lives. It makes sense that gemstones and metals would also feel it’s influence. So a new Moon or a Full Moon are powerful days to clean out old energy from your jewelry. But, you can clean your jewels anytime you feel they need to be cleansed of old or negative energy. 

I like to keep my Jewels around crystals and clusters of crystals so they can reconnect to their natural intelligence.


Sometimes I place my jewelry near singing bowls. Metaphysically, they transmute negative or unbalanced energy and transform it into positive or balanced energy again. They raise the vibration of everything around them.


Burn some sage! It’s also great for the home! Light the tips of the sage on fire and let the embers smoke as you focus on releasing negative energy and old stories and conditionings.

For me, the most important part of the cleansing process is intention setting. Hold your jewelry in your hand and focus on an intention. For instance, if you want to bring inner peace, focus on that and send that energy to your jewelry as you hold it. It works!